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Adrienne Acevedo Lovette is an award-winning New York-based director, actor, writer, and producer. She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and grew up in Orlando, Florida, and Springfield, Massachusetts. ​ She is the founder of The Garage Productions, which has created several award-winning films and web series, all of which showcase the underrepresented, LGBTQIA+ community, and differently-abled people.  Adrienne is a self-made filmmaker driven by stories that reveal the inner workings of the human condition. Even though she's a fan of all genres, her personal favorite genres to work on are suspense, thriller, horror, action, and drama (though she's no stranger to comedy.)

Adrienne is a SXSW Audience Award winner and a SUNDANCE collab film challenge winner. She has been named “Women Directing Mentorship Semifinalist” through SeriesFest, which Shonda Rhimes company Shondaland sponsors. 

Adrienne directed, co-wrote, produced, and starred in a psychological feature drama called I’M OKAY, WE’RE OKAY, which premiered at CINEQUEST, and won ‘BEST FEATURE FILM”, “BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY”,  “BEST ACTRESS” and “NY FILMMAKER AWARD”, at the prestigious CHAIN NYC FILM FESTIVAL. The film also received “BEST ACTOR” and “BEST ACTRESS” at the famous Catalina Film Festival. She directed and produced the coming-of-age drama, based on true events called THIS BOY’S VIDA (MADE IN AMERICA), which premiered at the well-known SeriesFest, and won “BEST WRITING” and the “CAZ MATTHEWS AWARD” for diversity and inclusion.  She directed the psychological horror called HIDDEN DAYLIGHT, which premiered at Dances With Films, and won "Best Film" at Phoenix Comicon, "Best Short Film" at Freak Show Horror Film Festival, and earned her the title of "Women in Horror Honoree" at FEARnyc.  She also directed the supernatural horror called THE DARK ROOM, which premiered at the Catalina Film Festival and won "Best Ensemble" at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival. She has directed several music videos by indie artists like singer-songwriter (Featured at SXSW) ARMSTRONGLEIGH,  New York City native rapper STASH CASH, and Florida native rapper-singer WOMBINO.

Adrienne has been invited to speak at several festival and industry events, including the Geena Davis Institute where she spoke at a panel during the Bentonville Film Festival about body positivity and diversity in front and behind the camera. She's also been invited to speak at schools and universities like NYU, Wesleyan University, and Dr. Phillips High School. She continues to encourage underrepresented filmmakers and artists to achieve their dreams in the TV, film, and theatre industry. She supports them by creating as much opportunity as possible in the indie space.

She has several works currently making their way through the festival circuit and is currently in development and pre-pro for several feature films, series, and shorts in the horror, thriller, drama, and biopic space. 



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