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Private Coaching

As a director and working actor, I bring two perspectives to my private sessions. Whether you're on the hunt for a personal acting coach to bring out your best, seeking a trusted ally to help you make those pivotal audition choices, or dreaming of capturing the magic of your very first indie film, I'm here with all my heart and experience to lend a hand.

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Acting On Camera

Experience a personalized on-camera acting session with me, tailored to your goals:

Length: 1 hour

Price: $50

Format: Zoom Meeting

  • Individualized Coaching

  • Scene Analysis

  • On-Camera Techniques

  • Audition Preparation

  • Character Development

  • Confidence Building

  • Knowing Your Brand

  • Industry Insights

Unleash your potential and shine on screen!

Audition Coaching

Elevate your audition game with a private on-camera coaching session:

Length: 1 hour

Price: $50

Format: Zoom Meeting

  • Personalized Coaching

  • Script Analysis

  • On-Camera Techniques

  • Performance Refinement

  • Confidence Building

  • Mock Auditions

  • Thinking Like A Director

  • Industry Insights

Leave a lasting impression and excel in your acting career!

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Indie Film Producing Consultant

Length & Price:  $100 an hour

Format: Zoom Meeting

In this private consulting session on making your first independent film, you'll learn:

  • Project Ideation - What kind of story do you want to tell and why?

  • Screenwriting Essentials 

  • Budgeting Breakdown

  • Casting and Crew Selection

  • Pre-production Planning

  • Filming Techniques

  • Directing and Communication

  • Post-production Process

  • Film Festival Strategies

  • Distribution and Marketing

Empower your filmmaking journey and create an impactful independent film.

Disclaimer: Not everything can be learned in one session, however, I will pinpoint the specific ways in which you can start the process and will be happy to guide you through your journey as much as you need me.

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